Incumbents say they want to continue positive momentum in Medina

Posted 12 March 2014 at 12:00 am

Friends and Neighbors of Medina:

We are seeking re-election to Medina Village Board on the Village Party line, and would be honored to have your support on March 18.

We are proud of our accomplishments in our brief time on the board. Downtown continues its boom. Businesses have breathed new life into abandoned buildings left for dead. Outsiders look to Medina for fresh ideas on how to make their communities stronger.

These successes are beginning to fulfill our vision for Medina to become a forward-looking community that capitalizes on its unique assets to create new opportunities for residents and businesses alike.

If re-elected, our next steps towards this goal include:

1. Fueling Downtown’s Continued Rebirth. We will continue to promote our burgeoning downtown through support of the Chamber and MBA, and changing the zoning to accommodate emerging winery, brewery and distillery businesses.

2. Continuing to Address Neighborhood Blight. In the last year, we demolished two problem structures on Genesee Street to clear the way for new investment, and collaborated with the county on the successful ongoing redevelopment of Jubilee (now Evans Ace Hardware) and the former Territory Wholesale warehouse, both on East Center Street. In the coming year our sights will be set on the former Starlight Drycleaner and Bernie’s Laundromat downtown, and the many mansions throughout the village that lie dormant in foreclosure limbo.

3. Growing Non-Tax Revenues. Some village infrastructure has significant excess capacity, such as the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and we need to attract more paying customers from throughout our region. More revenues from outside Medina will reduce village taxpayer’s maintenance burden. We must also develop strategies to grow ambulance revenues.

4. Upgrading Efficiency of Existing Infrastructure. Strategic investments that promote efficiency will trim operational costs in the long run. A comprehensive leak detection program throughout our water system is one of our priorities in the coming year.

We must also remove barriers to new private investment. Our high combined village/town/school/county tax rate drives business and residents out of the village. While we continue to do our very best to keep taxes in check despite declining village tax base, Medina needs a significant tax reduction to thrive in the long run.

To this end, we will seriously consider the Dissolution Plan once it is released, and we trust our committee of Don Colquhoun, Charlie Slack, Mark Irwin, Cindy Robinson, and Thurston Dale to diligently investigate every option. Until their important work is done, we must reserve judgment.

Nonetheless, in order for us to support the eventual plan, it must:




If these elements are present, then the village voters should have the final say at a referendum on the plan. We have enormous confidence in our residents to balance the interests and determine our destiny.

We love this village. To us, Medina is so much more than a boundary line. Rather, it is defined by her people, shared history, institutions, and sense of place. These will remain with us forever, regardless of the outcome of any election. Our goal is make these stronger, so they may endure for generations to come.

We need your help and confidence to keep our momentum rolling, and would appreciate your support on March 18.

Andrew Meier

Pat Crowley

David Barhite