Media is unfair in ‘aggressive coverage’ of possible inappropriate campaign spending by Maziarz

Posted 15 July 2014 at 12:00 am


I am concerned about some media outlets aggressive coverage of Senator Maziarz being investigated by the U.S. Attorney regarding campaign expenditures. I do not know the Senator personally, although I have met and spoke with him on a couple occasions.

I am a registered Republican. However, I have always voted for the folks that I thought would represent me the best. Senator Maziarz  has represented Orleans and Niagara counties well during his long tenure in office. He has, as expected, brought home the “bacon” to our area, and has represented the needs of his constituency with due diligence. If campaign spending was inappropriate, I doubt it was for personal gain.

The whole investigation smacks of political tomfoolery. A Democratic administration starts a commission to check on appropriate spending, then is shut down after allegations, not investigated, are made. Then, a U.S. Attorney is intrigued and begins an investigation to nail down the facts.

If there was an issue, I suspect the government would have been on it like hotcakes. If wrongdoing was done, then the piper will need to be paid. However, before any facts are in, the innuendo in the media is very unsettling to the folks that have seen the Senator’s interest in his people.

I just ask a little respect until all the facts are in.  If the senator is indicted, then let the “chips fall where the may.” In the mean time, report facts and leave the rest to investigators! Just my opinion.

Thank you,
Dayton Hausman