Library board was unfairly harsh in the way it dismissed director

Posted 20 March 2014 at 12:00 am


I am writing in reference to the method of dismissal of Susan Rudnicky by the board of the Hoag Library.  I have been involved at the executive board level of several organizations and while there are many ways to cease employment of an employee, I would suggest that public humiliation is the worst for both the severed employee and also for the entity itself.

I have no frame of reference as to the issues which precipitated the decision to terminate this employee, nor do I know Ms. Rudnicky, but certainly there were several better ways to end a career.

I would also suggest that the irreparable damage down to Ms. Rudnicky is equal to that done to the reputation of the decision makers.  This is a black mark on this small town and it reverberates and cannot be erased or diminished.

Karen Watt