Judge should determine if prior county commitments to nursing home are ‘irrelevant’

Posted 18 December 2013 at 12:00 am


I would like to remind the citizens of Orleans County of some facts regarding our nursing home, The Villages of Orleans, which the County Legislature is trying to sell off.

It was established in 1830 by County Resolution, authorizing the funding and committing to responsibility to those in need of residential care. In 1905, the hospital portion was dedicated. The 1922 Proceedings of the Orleans County Board of Supervisors reports the nursing home served 86 patients and even had a maternity ward. In 1960, a new infirmary was dedicated by our County fathers as the old facility on County House Road could no longer suit the needs of the citizens.

This proud history of a public owned, quality care facility is about to change. Contrary to County Resolution (the 1830 Resolution was never rescinded), our single-party County Legislature is about to wash its hands of the nursing home and allow it to be run by a profit-oriented business.

They have deemed the original resolution “irrelevant.” I am not a lawyer, but common sense would dictate that only a judge can make that determination. I sincerely recommend this case be re-opened and the legality of the sale be examined in court. Buyer beware.

Al Capurso