In honoring veterans, Americans should fight for freedoms at home

Posted 14 November 2013 at 12:00 am


Why am I free? I can only begin to imagine the reasons, as I have never had the honor or courage to serve. But I can only begin to express my thanks for those brave men and women who have taken the ultimate sacrifice, to risk their lives, to protect my own and my children’s.

I have always had the utmost respect for those that have served and are serving, but it has grown so much in the past year as I have been fighting to preserve those freedoms.

The exact rights we are being stripped of as a state and as a country, the rights that so many across the world are not lucky enough to have, the rights that these brave heroes have done unimaginable things, spent countless hours doing, to protect these rights for us.

How dare we as a nation jeopardize any of these rights that these men and women have fought so hard to protect. We are failing our veterans, those that have served, those that are serving, and those that will serve.

It is time we the people show our gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for these people, and stand up to remain free. Thank you to all who have played a part in the freedom I experience, the freedom my children experience. I will never be able to fully express the gratitude I feel towards you and your daily sacrifices. And may I continue to fight back home to protect our freedoms as America, in your honor.

Gia Arnold

(Arnold is a state coordinator for New York Revolution.)