Hunter thinks there are better ways to raise money than Squirrel Slam

Posted 21 February 2014 at 12:00 am


My name is Kenny Capurso and I am a hunter. I have legally gone through the process and have received my hunting license. I understand the arguments about the Holley “Squirrel Slam.”

I myself love to hunt and don’t look the other way when it comes to getting meat. I do it responsibly and respectfully. On one hand I am on the side of the people participating in the Squirrel Slam because I believe they have the right to hunt whenever or whatever they want, if they do it legally.

But on the other hand I feel that it’s wrong to go out and hunt for a fundraiser. I would support the Holley Fire Department having a bake sale or can drive instead of the Squirrel Slam.

Kenny Capurso