Group wants freedom of speech at local festivals, events

Posted 22 September 2013 at 12:00 am


I cannot stress enough as an individual, the importance of voter education and action. I cannot stress enough as a leader of a grassroots organization dedicated to educating and encouraging others, how discouraging it is when we attempt to participate in a local event and are declined due to a policy of “No Politics Allowed.”

I personally find a great deal of disappointment by this. We have attempted to be involved with several local festivals and public events (Albion Strawberry Festival in June and Remember Swap Meet in September) and either were not allowed or severely limited on what we could do because they want their events to remain neutral.

New York Revolution is a group of dedicated individuals who believe in upholding the Constitution and honoring our founding fathers and the sacrifices of our armed forces. We do not choose one politician over the other but rather educate the public on the importance of our Constitutional Freedoms that we have been granted since America separated from British rule.

We do not shun those with opposing beliefs from expressing their views at our table. When they are interested in listening we will share our feelings in return.

I do not consider upholding the Constitution as being political. If anything, it is historical and liberating. The knowledge and motivation that we attempt to share is patriotic and is what differs America from the rest of the world.

We also push voter registration. We encourage citizens that their vote does matter. We do not tell them who they should vote for but we do urge them to remain aware in the politics of their local, state, and national communities while making an informed vote based on their personal beliefs.

We are free in America because we are granted the right to vote. It is our duty as American citizens to remain active with our vote. Politics is a very large percentage of being an American, as we must remember that the government is “for the People,” but most importantly “by the People.”

What are we teaching our children when politics are banned from local events? How can we as Americans, New Yorkers, and Orleans County residents make informed decisions on voting day when public access to political information is very limited, let alone banned at community events?

I urge others in this community to become active in their beliefs and encourage those local festivals to allow unbiased opportunity to all groups – political or not. I live in the Land of the Free and am proud to be an American. Let’s hold America’s founding principles to be true and allow our First Amendment rights to be respected from here on forward.

Gia Arnold
New York Revolution state coordinator