Former BOE president backs Medina candidate

Posted 14 May 2014 at 12:00 am


The voters of the Medina Central School District (MCSD) have the opportunity to elect a new person to the board on Tuesday, May 20.  In the recent two elections, the community has selected three new members in the persons of Ann Webster-Bunch, Lori Draper and David Sevenski.

I am certain they provided new ideas, a vigilance and attention to detail, and a desire to serve the educational community selflessly. Board of Education service is demanding and requires a commitment to represent the entire community; students, staff and the tax payers. Hence the need for vigilance and attention to detail.

Renee Paser-Paull is running for a seat on the MCSD Board of Education. She is a very accomplished individual and I would encourage you to read her profile in the district budget insert in the May 11 Lake Country Pennysaver. This document should also be available at any Medina school office or business office.

I met Renee on several occasions when she attended board meetings during my tenure as a board member. She also was a faithfully attending member of the Medina PTSA.

I found her to be keenly interested in student achievement, available programming and how to best guide the district to its former place of excellence among WNY schools. While many schools struggle in our current economy, I believe Renee would bring a wealth of experience to the table and continue the efforts of many to reclaim MCSD’s reputation of excellence.

Renee, along with the other three newer members, brings a wide range of experience to the board. As I recall the district I grew up in, was employed by and served as a board member, I know that spirit of excellence still exists. We have an excellent new superintendent. Any organization is only as good as its CEO, in this case the board of education’s leadership and vision. Voters, select a brighter future for our district. BOE service is hard work and your vote counts. I welcome any questions you may have regarding Renee’s qualifications.

Maureen Blackburn

Blackburn is a former president of the Medina Board of Education.