Family wants missing urn returned to Millville Cemetery

Posted 10 September 2013 at 12:00 am

To Whoever “Borrowed” Our Urn from Millville Cemetery:

We know we are not the first and, thanks to people like you, we know we will not be the last to have something “borrowed” from a family cemetery plot.

The urn means nothing to you. It means everything to us. That urn has decorated the graves of our ancestors every summer for almost 90 years. Three generations have cared for the urn. We were just beginning to teach the next generation how to care for it so that they too could continue the tradition, hopefully, for the next 90 years. Again, thanks to you, that will not happen.

I just have one question. Why did you take the time to remove the flowers from the urn and carefully place them over the exact spot where the urn used to rest? You wanted it so bad. Why not just dump the flowers all over the ground? Was your conscience beginning to bother you? Oh, that’s right. You obviously have no conscience or you would not have taken it in the first place.

What would be wonderful is to go to the cemetery next week and see the urn sitting in its usual summer spot. Will that happen? Probably not – thanks to people like you. Someday we will accept that fact. In the meantime, you could never begin to possibly understand the shock, anger and profound sorrow that have overwhelmed our entire family due to this incomprehensible act.

Anyone with any information, please contact the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office at (585) 589-5527.

The Rhodey family of Albion and Oakfield