Employee feels blindsided by layoffs at CRFS

Posted 17 February 2014 at 12:00 am


I would like to respond to the recent downsizing at CRFS where more than 60 people were let go of their jobs by phone calls on Saturday and Sunday.

First of all the employees were not just employees of Aerotek some were CRFS. Secondly, a lot of the employees were not hired by recruiters for Aerotek but recruiters for CRFS. They were sent through Aerotek because CRFS had to finish their contract with Aerotek. Aerotek handles payroll. CRFS recruiters did the interview, set your pay, position and platform.

We were also advised within 90 days we would officially become CRFS employees because of the contract with Aerotek. That is the way CRFS had to hire a person. The only people that didn’t have to go through Aerotek were management.

Yes, CRFS may have finished the contract with Aerotek but there is another reason CRFS did not want to further comment on releasing so many in what some consider a blindsided way: because a client did not renew the contract, therefore there was a lack of work.

The employees were told everything was OK and told to be ready for the move next door by Feb. 28. I don’t think they thought they were out the door again permanently.

Tammie Davey

Davey was one of the employees to receive a call on Saturday that she would no longer be employed at either CRFS or Aerotek.