County should repeal tax on fuel, home heating oil

Posted 1 November 2013 at 12:00 am


To the Hard-working citizens of Orleans County: On Oct. 23, the Orleans County Conservative Party handed County Legislature Chairman David Callard 1,100 signatures to repeal the 4 percent fuel tax on home heating oil, gasoline, diesel, propane and wood.

We want to thank all of you who signed that petition. Our chairman, Allen Lofthouse, was even willing to compromise at just the home heating oil to start. The answer was the same as it was when asked to do this in 2008.

“Sorry, we feel for you, but we the government can’t afford it.” Five years later and still the same answer. This is the same Legislature that is bragging for its re-election touting all the great things it has done – Done for government, the employees of government and those attached to government.

For you, they can’t even throw you a few crumbs so you can be warm or drive to work. What they will be throw you is a tax increase. These county elites are out of touch with you. I advocate voting them all out.

On Nov. 5 invoke the declaration of independence and the term limit clause on these incumbents that have overstayed their welcome. Vote on Row C the Conservative line. We are regular people and we are fighting for you.

Paul Lauricella Jr.
Vice Chairman Orleans County Conservative Party