Conservative candidates made an impact on local elections

Posted 18 November 2013 at 12:00 am


The Orleans County Conservative Party would like to say thank you to all our endorsed candidates that participated in the 2013 local elections. I believe we have made an impact on the political scene. I believe that our party gave people a choice and is one of the reasons why those four elections came down to the absentee ballots.

The people now have on their team two proven Conservative town supervisors: Carol Culhane of Gaines who just produced a budget that cuts the tax rate for 2014 and Matt Passarell who voted in a budget that cut taxes 9 percent in one year as a councilman.

Sue Smith, a councilwoman for Gaines, along with the Town Board voted against pictometry, protecting their constituents’ 4th amendment rights. Fred Miller voted against a tax-increasing budget as trustee for village of Albion. Fred is an independent thinker, now legislator elect.

Don Allport voted no on the tax cap override, supporting the wishes of thousands of county residents.

To those of you who lost, myself included, my advice to you is never give up. Lick your wounds and get ready for the next election. For those of you who have never run but have been inspired by the fight, I say jump in – fresh blood and ideas are sorely needed.

I want to thank all of you voters that voted on Row C. You made an impact and it will only get bigger as time goes on and you put in place more fiscally responsible elected officials.

Here’s to a 2014 Conservative Revolution.

Thank you all.

Paul Lauricella Jr.
Vice Chairman OC Conservative Party