A Storm is Coming

Posted 14 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Editor’s Note: Mary Bannister, a retired English teacher at Albion, wrote this poem after a fierce storm whipped through the area last month.


Taking its sweet time to bring it on, bring it on.
Anticipation building as the distant rumble
peaks my interest.
A storm is coming.

Everything is stock still but not for long, not for long.
Sounds of tires on dry pavement will mutate soon
to ‘splish’ ‘splosh’ dampness,
as drivers heighten their awareness,
while wormlike rivulets abound.
A storm is coming.

Sounds seems very distinct right now, right now,
but soon that vibrance will be muffled by the gyrating raindrops
and mocking wind.
Leaves will do the twist and show the silver side of dullness
which seems to harmonize with the steel gray clouds and sky.

Some birds take one last opportunity to boldly proclaim this featured event,
but they too will vanish as soon as they smell the storm’s wet breath.
Fleeing to the safety of a sturdy branch or the haven of a well built nest
is their best option.
Daredevils take chances, but these aviators have studied the invisible face of
air and know the odds.

As for me, the porch seems a suitable retreat to wait and listen.
A marvel of nature is about to unfold and I want a front row seat.
This seems an ideal place to view the performance.
A storm is coming.

Mary Bannister

File photo by Tom Rivers – The sky was dark over downtown Albion as a severe thunderstorm barrelled through the area on June 17, knocking down trees and taking out power.