2 Medina residents mount write-in campaign for Village Board

Posted 11 March 2014 at 12:00 am

To the residents of the Village of Medina:

Our names are Marguerite Sherman and Mike Sidari. We are adding our names as write-in candidates for Trustees on the Medina Village Board for the upcoming village election on March 18.

As concerned taxpayers of Medina, we have been involved in village government for several years. In addition to serving on the Zoning and Planning Boards, we have followed the former Government Reorganization Feasibility study with the Village and the Towns of Shelby and Ridgeway.

More currently, we are following the potential village dissolution process, only to discover that reliable, accurate information has not been forthcoming from the administration. Even though this information is open to the public, we have found it difficult to obtain. Just to obtain a petition to be part of the election was a very difficult process. Not only did we have to leave the village, we had to leave the county to obtain a petition from the village attorney, who has an office in a neighboring county.

The current Dissolution Committee members are working diligently to formulate recommendations for the Village Board, who will in turn, share them with the residents. It is our intent to insure that the Village Board presents all options within the dissolution plan, along with long-term projections of costs or savings to the taxpayers.

Dissolution meetings should not be held at 8 a.m. on weekdays in a building that is not handicapped accessible. We should not have to e-mail CGR to inquire why meeting minutes were not being posted. We urge residents to come forth and ask questions. Be a part of the process. This is what we are trying to do.

If elected, we will work to bring more transparency to the Village Board, as it is our feeling that information is not being presented properly to the public. We will come to the Board with open minds so as to make informed, conscientious decisions for the village.

We need your vote on Tuesday, March 18. We are running a strong write-in campaign. Please help us to protect the integrity of the Village of Medina.


Mike Sidari and Marguerite Sherman