Yates Town Board has been responsible and fair in wind turbine issue

Posted 22 October 2015 at 12:00 am


This letter is in response to Tanis Bolick’s letter that was posted Oct. 22.

The assertion that if the Town of Yates Town Board “really wanted the truth, they would have conducted their own survey in what should have been a timelier manner,” could not be farther from the truth.

Our board is acting like responsible government and weighing all the facts before coming out with their stand for or against the wind turbine project.

They have been actively working to create a survey that is impartial and fair. There is a member from SOS (the group against the turbines) as well as a member from Apex (the company proposing the project) and a Town Board member. This is fact. This is the only way to produce a survey that is not skewed to one side or the others’ views.

As to the assertion in the letter, “Why are these candidates and board members so reluctant to support the will of the majority of their constituents?”: They can not support the majority of their constituents until they get the results of the OFFICIAL survey after it is sent out.

In answer to his statement, “If Mr. Belson is not in favor of the APEX Project please explain to me why ‘Fear Not the Wind’ signs and his re-election signs are systematically aligned on almost every road in our town,” I would ask if Tanis Bolick feels that the only issue in our town is the wind turbines?

Many people here support John Belson and it has nothing to do with whether he supports the turbines or not, it has to do with the kind of man he is and the fact that we KNOW he loves our town, knows the history and heartbeat of our town and is one of us. John has no control over what other people support and the fact that his signs are in lawns with the Fear Not the Wind signs has nothing to do with his position on the subject of the wind turbines.

I also wonder that if his assertion that there are Fear Not the Wind signs on almost every road in our town how he can say “Why are these candidates and board members so reluctant to support the will of the majority of their constituents?” Because obviously many, many of the constituents do support the turbines.

John and the rest of the board know that their personal position, (when they do reach a decision on the subject) has nothing to do with whether the turbines come to Yates or not. Like good government officials should they are waiting to get a comprehensive, fair and unbiased view of the ENTIRE town from the results of the official town survey that will go out when all three entities that are creating it can agree on the content.

That is the kind of representation I want in my government, not someone who will bow to special interest groups.

Thank you,

Susan Campbell