Yates residents urged to fill out new survey about wind turbine project

Posted 15 November 2015 at 12:00 am


To the people of the Town of Yates, the official survey on the Wind Turbine Project will be coming to your house very soon. Please, please, please take the time to fill them out and get them back to the town by the deadline. The surveys will be going out to EVERY registered voter and/or taxpayer. Everyone’s opinion is needed.

I want to thank our Town Board for their time and effort that was put into creating a survey that will reach all of the people who have a stake in this venture. The current Town Board has shown us what true government should strive to accomplish: unbiased governing without bowing down to special interest groups that would like only their voices to be heard.

Do your research, ask questions if you are not sure of what your position is. There are wonderful resources on line that are neither pro or con on the issue. Please check these out.

If you have specific questions about the project you can contact Carmen or Taylor at Lighthouse Wind. The address is: 8691 Main St., Barker, NY 14012 and their phone number is 1 716-562-4262.

I believe that this will be a positive addition to our community. Your voices need to be heard regardless of which side you are on.

Thank you,

Susan Campbell