Yates residents urged to fill out forthcoming survey that isn’t ‘biased’

Posted 20 October 2015 at 12:00 am


It is Monday morning, Oct. 19, and tonight is the night that the unofficial survey that was sent to SOME of the residents in our town will be publicly opened in the Town of Yates. I strongly urge you to be suspicious of the validity of the results of this survey.

I personally know of seven households that own their homes, pay taxes and are registered to vote who did not receive a copy of this “survey.” I am only one person and I know this many who did not receive it, so how many others did not?

One person in particular that I spoke to owns two businesses and two homes in the Town of Yates and did not receive a “survey” at any of them. A survey that is selectively sent to people and does not reveal who the survey actually comes from at the time it is sent is not a legitimate survey.

Please wait for the official survey that is being put together collectively by the Town Board, Apex and SOS and fill it out and send it in. This will reveal the true feeling of ALL of the residents of our town, not the biased attempts of a small group that want skewed results.

Thank you,


Susan Campbell