Yates resident wonders why delay with town survey on turbines

Posted 23 October 2015 at 12:00 am


If you were to drive around the Village of Lyndonville and the Town of Yates, you would see many political signs endorsing candidates, many would say more this election than previous ones.

As many are aware there is a huge controversy over the proposed wind turbine project slated for this area.

At Town Board meetings our elected officials have remained neutral on their opinions regarding this project, stating until the town survey is completed as to how the entire town feels they will not go on record with either supporting or not supporting the project.

If that is true than I have to ask myself why are there so many signs supporting John Belson for supervisor next to “Fear Not The Wind” signs? This would lead me to believe that he supports the wind. Why else would they be there?

If he truly wants to remain neutral, then I feel they should be removed so not to influence anyone who is not sure how they feel.

Somerset did a survey over the summer to see how the town felt about the project. We are still waiting for our survey.

Why does this take so long to compile a few questions to see how the people feel? Why the delay?

Judy Esposito
“Full-time resident”