Yates resident supports 3 candidates working against wind project

Posted 31 October 2015 at 12:00 am


This is regarding Susan Campbell’s letter posted in the Hub on Oct. 28, “SOS accused of undermining wishes of majority of full-time Yates residents.”

The law is the law. You can not vote with just a post office box – you have to have a residential address. The regulations are clear and stated on the NY voter registration website. Ms. Campbell needs to do better research.

If the people of Yates and Somerset don’t understand that this wind turbine project is the BIGGEST & MOST IMPORTANT issue in these two towns right now, they are living in Fantasy Land. The outcome of this potential project, if it continues, will have a negative effect that will last for years.

I sincerely hope that Simon, Riggi and Maid are elected. The town of Yates needs new leadership with new ideas. These men have them and are willing to work with ALL citizens.

I have heard NO ideas from the other candidates.

As to the “wishes of the majority,” the SOS survey clearly showed a majority AGAINST the wind turbine project. The survey promised by the Town of Yates board has yet to materialize and clearly will not be put out before the election.

Susan Dudley