Yates officials shouldn’t be faulted for businesses closing in town

Posted 26 October 2015 at 12:00 am


This letter is in response to a few that have posted here the last few days, bashing the local government of the Town of Yates.

First of all, blaming the local government for businesses closing in downtown Lyndonville is not only wrong, it’s moronic. To name a couple, the Pennysaver closed because the owner’s husband was ill and, in her best efforts, kept the doors open long after she should have. Explain to me how that’s John Belson’s and the Town Board’s fault?

Another example is Crosby-Whipple, which closed due to the owner’s retirement. Again, explain to me how that is the fault of the above mentioned?

If you haven’t noticed we live in a very depressed and poor town and county. With one-stop shop box stores invading, our quaint and charming downtowns are in trouble.

I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way sipping coffee overlooking the lake every morning, but that’s the reality of it. This just goes to show you how uninformed some of the residents are in this town.

This board and its members are all dedicated to what is best for this town. These people have dedicated their lives to bettering the community. They have grown up in, and raised their families here.

I’m also still waiting to receive my SOS survey. Maybe it was lost in the mail?

One other note: I took a drive around town today and saw many, many signs in support of John Belson, NOT accompanied by a “Fear Not The Wind” sign. Funny, I even saw a re-elect John Belson sign next to an SOS sign.

Make sure to do your research next time you post an attack ad. I, like other people in this community, am more than proud of our current representatives!


Patrick McKenna