Yates needs new direction, leadership on Town Board

Posted 1 November 2015 at 12:00 am


As I “sit, sipping coffee over the lake” this morning, I still ponder the sentiments of people like Patrick McKenna, a man I have never met, but understand is the son-in-law of Mr. Belson.

Wasn’t it fortuitous of Mr. McKenna to post that letter to the editor just before mine? Doesn’t his letter reinforce my supposition that “lake people” are resented in Lyndonville? Don’t you think it is time to act on the current state of affairs?

With all due respect to the “sitting” town supervisor and councilman running for re-election, I believe it is time to get out of your seat and address the issues. It is unconscionable that you rest on your laurels that you “love this town,” and that makes you the best candidate for office.

Isn’t it ironic that the two businesses that are your claim to fame are Amish, the very group of people who are shunned by so many of your people? Did you encourage tax breaks for those businesses, like you seem to be willing to do for an out-of-state multimillion dollar company?

Can you even begin to compare the impact Apex would have on the Town of Yates to the two Amish businesses, which, by the way, are owned by residents of this community?

I realize the positions of town supervisor and councilman are thankless jobs. It amazes me that the very busy people who are running for these positions are willing to take on even more responsibility.

They all have extremely important full-time jobs, and yet they are willing to donate countless hours to what appears to be an unappreciative town. But then, we all know that busy, talented, aggressive, forward-thinking individuals are the ones that can and do get the job done.

You have my vote and thanks, Jim Simon, Glenn Maid, and John Riggi. I have every confidence that you are the men who will do just that: Get the job done.

Cynthia Hellert
Town of Yates