Yates in dire need of new leadership after many small businesses closed in recent years

Posted 23 October 2015 at 12:00 am


When I bought my property here 15 years ago, Lyndonville was a quiet, friendly and attractive community. The people were kind, the village was quaint and offered its conveniences.

I loved coming here and until retirement looked forward to getting here as quickly as possible on weekends and for summer. Now I am here year-round.

In the last 10 years the village has changed. We once had a grocery store with fresh meat and dairy together with anything else you may need including hardware, paint and tools. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people buy things in there and the owner or her staff recorded the transaction in a loose leaf book until the next pay day! IT’S GONE.

There was an ice cream stand next to the Penny Saver at one time. IT’S GONE.

There was a very handy and well stocked drug store that sure was a godsend when the kids got sick or you needed a last minute gift or greeting card for a special occasion. IT’S GONE.

I miss having a service station right in town. I bought my tires there, got my oil changed and more than once had an irritating noise checked out. IT’S GONE.

Remember the little restaurant next to it in the same building, the only restaurant in the village open year-round? IT’S GONE.

I know businesses come and go, but in this town they just GO.

As I have just read Mr. Belson’s ad stating that he brings 9 years of experience to the job, I am reminded about what we no longer have in this town for conveniences and pleasure in that same time period.

The leadership of this town board is the essence of the definition of insanity. Why would we vote the same people back in and expect a different outcome?

We need new blood, new ideas and a new commitment to the Town of Yates. It sure as heck isn’t working with the current one.

Tanis C. Bolick