Yates has taken far too long to develop and send out survey

Posted 1 November 2015 at 12:00 am


Nine weeks?

This is apparently how long it takes for a committee to work on a survey and process regarding the proposed wind project in the Town of Yates.

Resolution No. 72-8/15 was approved on Aug. 13 to, in part, survey town residents on the proposed wind project. Town Councilman Wes Bradley made comments about the survey at the Sept. 9 Town Board meeting.

Councilman Bradley was also quoted in an Oct. 9 article on Orleans Hub that there was no timetable to complete the survey because of the uncertainties of reaching consensus with the three parties.

What? This can’t be the first time a survey for proposed wind turbines has been developed. Even accounting for survey questions specific to the Town of Yates, there should be no need to re-invent the survey “wheel.” And what consensus needs to be reached? Funding? Question format and content? They are not developing the American Community Survey from the Census Bureau.

This indeed is a Town of Yates matter regarding completing the survey. But what is decided could affect residents in positive/negative ways in the towns of Carlton, Gaines and Ridgeway. It’s reasonable that a fair amount of people are waiting to see what the survey results yield.

A survey/process should not being taking nine-plus weeks to complete. If it means extra hours for all involved to get a survey in front of town residents, that is not an unreasonable expectation.

Tom Klotzbach