Writer shocked someone would steal flowers from headstone at cemetery

Posted 14 June 2016 at 12:00 am


I am writing in concern to the two consecutive years of theft and vandalism at Boxwood Cemetery.

It is a difficult time for anyone who has to visit their lost loved ones at a cemetery; the memories, the tears and the pain of losing them is hard enough. It is even more distraught to fathom that two years in a row someone has stolen the flower arrangements that you took your time and money to place on the headstone in remembrance of your loved one. This makes you lose faith in humanity and the community in which we take so much pride in growing up in and living in.

I ask our community to pay attention to your surroundings while visiting your loved ones at a cemetery and take action if you see something out of the ordinary. I have faith in believing that what comes around goes around but it still behooves me that someone, in their right mind, finds it acceptable to rob the deceased and their family members of a place we try to find peace for our loved ones.


Tricia A Nudd-Mroz