Letter writer says he’s no ‘extreme leftist’ and urges consideration to all sides of a story

Posted 4 March 2019 at 4:29 pm


Mr. Lauricella attempts to paint a picture of me that is so far off I’m not sure where to begin.  This gentleman lectures me about the way business works – although I have started three small corporations spanning nearly 40 years. For the record, I closed the first business, my second went bankrupt and my third remains ongoing after two decades. I was never “targeted” by anyone at any time. To suggest otherwise is to be either uninformed or delusional – akin to your suggestion of “Lauricella Envy” – whatever that is – but don’t flatter yourself.

Lauricella believes that I am an extreme leftist. This is truly laughable. I dislike and disagree with extreme leftist in equal measure as I do the extreme right. And by the way, my personal voting record would reveal nearly equivalent votes for both parties. I vote on merit and qualifications – not party affiliation.

I also don’t hate the oil companies. Where on earth did you get this idea? My personal portfolio contains shares in nearly all of them. They are by-and-large solid long term investments. On the other hand, some time ago the Rockefeller Family, who’s family fortunes are grounded in oil, have divested themselves of the industry entirely.  I’m not one to go that far.

Before you paint a picture of anyone – or begin to lecture – or promote one side of a two-sided story as being the only side – you may wish to consider that you might be wrong – or at least as wildly off the mark as you are here with your pretend portrait of me.

Mr. Lauricella is clearly committed to his point of view. That’s perfectly fine. No objections. I place free speech in very high regard. Personally I prefer more flexibility in thought and action that you may, but that’s just me. However, Mr. Lauricella, I will call you out from time to time. Truthfully, you’re kind of an easy target. Handle it like an adult and stick to the message – and leave the messenger out of it – poor call on your part.

With far more clarity,

Darren D. Wilson