Writer is grateful for help after car accident

Posted 31 January 2015 at 12:00 am


On Thursday night I had an automobile accident. It was the first major accident in my 40-plus years of driving. I encountered a very slippery road and despite reduced speed and early breaking I slid through an intersection and a ditch and landed in some trees!

The blow was significant enough to blow out the driver door window into me! I was stunned and quite upset as my car is one month shy of a year of ownership.

The very first person to help was a town of Shelby snowplow operator. He was concerned enough to inquire as to my well being and if I needed to call for help. I assured him I was OK and had a cell phone. I called 911 and was connected to Niagara County, who got Orleans on the line for me.

A wrecker from Lyons Collision in Medina was dispatched, as well as law enforcement. I called my wife and asked her to come to the scene to take me home after everything was properly settled.

Lyons arrived first with a tow and flat bed. The drivers had to wait for law enforcement before they could do anything. However, their concern about injuries and my comfort was outstanding.

Soon, a State Trooper arrived. I actually was a little afraid, as they have a reputation for toughness. Trooper Radford was extremely professional and very compassionate. He brought my wife to the vehicle and let her listen to all his instructions and questions, as well as being safe and warm. He saw no wrongdoing on my part and issued an accident report.

I went to Lyons Collision on Friday morning to clean out my car and authorize an estimate and arrange for my insurance company to deal with them. I can only say that I was treated very well. They are the best to if you need help after an accident.

Bottom line, we have great residents in Orleans County that care for others! If I had to have an accident, I am glad it was at home! Thanks to all who offered help, including some other passersby!

Dayton Hausman