Writer is grateful Albion has Midget baseball teams, but would like all players to have a chance

Posted 29 June 2015 at 12:00 am


I think it is great that Albion is back to having Midget A and B baseball. These are the tools that make are kids stronger and prepare them for bigger and better things.

I do believe that all kids should have a chance to play on these teams and not be selected by who you are. I also don’t feel it is fair that the money is paid out of the Little League account with no cost to the kids playing. That is very unfair to the hundreds of kids and families that have played and will play in this league and have no were to play for the summer.

I ask were there tryouts? Were all kids made aware of these teams? I have been told no.

Maybe people need to start asking questions. The people on the board should understand that it is not their money. It’s the kids and that should mean all kids should have a chance to play, and help improve themselves.

Finally I would like to thank all the coaches for their hard work and timeless hours they put in.

Jeff Holler