Voters should do homework, and make their voices heard

Posted 17 April 2016 at 12:00 am


What has happened to America? As I see it our country is floating aimlessly, without direction, like a ship on the ocean that has lost its navigation tools. The difference is, at least the captain and crew of the ship know where they want to go.

As for America, I think the majority of the people know what direction they would like to go. It’s the career politicians and special interest groups that farm votes, by double talking and telling half-truths that have run us off course after they threw the compass and map overboard.

It is very frustrating, to me, to see the words conservative and Republican along with Democrat and liberal be used as interchangeable synonyms. Any more party affiliation has nothing to do with the voter’s opinions and points of view, but more of a necessary evil when it comes to playing the “game”.

The only time a party affiliation is really utilized is during the primary election process. The term “game” is not meant as a derogatory reference to the political process but as a means of illustrating my point. In order to win at the game of politics, much like sports, you need to know the rules, players, and a strategy to succeed.

Succeed? But we are not running for office. Exactly! Remember the last line from the Gettysburg address, “– and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

It is our responsibility as citizens to do our due diligence before we get into the voting booth. We need to know what is important to us and who best fulfills those requirements. More importantly we should not let our decision be clouded by biased, empty rhetoric.

Many people have become so discouraged with the ways of Washington that they are beginning to think that their voice and vote are of no worth. It is my hope that they realize that nothing could be further from the truth! Last Novembers elections were a great example of people showing up to vote and having their voice heard.

The key is getting to the voting booth and making sure that our vote counts. Without that, the process of democracy is useless and as a citizen we have no right to voice our opinion.

What if the arrogant “politicians” stopped condemning the opposition with relentless narrow-mindedness and instead encouraged people to think for themselves, reminding them that their vote really does count. Maybe then we would start to see more people at the polls when it came time to vote.

Dennis Warriner