Village trustee opposes dissolution, saying too much to lose

Posted 15 January 2015 at 12:00 am


So Mr. Rivers does not have to add a disclaimer at the end of my letter, I am a Village of Medina Trustee.

That being said, for those of you who are unaware, I am against dissolution – both for personal reasons and what I am hearing from the majority of the residents I have spoken to as well as the response at the public hearing on the dissolution plan.

We have all seen the mailers, read the articles in the paper and on-line, and hopefully listened to the debate on Orleans Radio. Each registered voter in the village must ask themselves three important questions. After you answer these questions with thought and truthfulness, I believe you will understand why dissolution is not the solution.

1. Do I want the enhanced services to continue that I receive living in the village? (Career Fire/Ambulance Department, Police Department, Department of Public Works)

2. Do I want the same service inside the village as the towns receive outside the village?

3. Can I afford less than a dollar a day to keep the Village of Medina as it is now? (anticipated savings per the plan)

Our fire and police departments have a 3-minute or less response time for 911 calls. Our DPW clears our streets and sidewalks in the winter, repairs streets, water and sewer lines, pick up brush in the spring and leaves in the fall along with numerous other jobs to maintain the village as we know it.

The village and two towns have and do participate in shared services and purchases. I believe more savings can be realized with more shared services and inner-municipal agreements. I am personally working on renegotiating the ambulance contract between the village and the Towns of Shelby, Ridgeway, and Yates. These meetings have opened meaningful dialogue between myself and the town’s supervisors.

We need to look at all purchases that are made by the village departments. We have to investigate if we are using the NYS contracts as they are intended to be used to lower taxes.

Remember you are voting to dissolve the Village of Medina, not on the plan that was presented. There is a large unknown factor what would happen and what the tax rate would be or the services provided if the village is dissolved. Dissolution is not the solution.

Please vote “NO” for dissolution on Jan. 20.

Michael Sidari