Medina resident keeping an open mind about dissolution/shared services

Posted 8 January 2015 at 12:00 am


Dissolution or shared services?

First off, I will state that I signed the petition to put dissolution of the Village of Medina to a vote. Why would I do that, some might ask? Partly I have grown weary of the back and forth between the “Leaders.” It seemed for a moment shared services was on track to provide efficient government to all residents of the village, Town of Ridgeway and the Town of Shelby.

Somewhere the train went off the track. Accusations started flying quietly and publicly. Leaders need to be leaders and search for solutions – solutions that can benefit all of the people with as little pain as possible.

I say to those that live outside of the village, you do have a say. You must hold your town leaders accountable. If shared services happened, we probably would not come to a vote. I also say fear not, if dissolution is passed, it will take almost two years to implement a plan. If it goes down, we all have four years to work together for a shared services plan. If the current leaders don’t or won’t work together, we all have an opportunity to find new leaders that will work together.

I truly believe there are solutions, possibly not explored. Do I have the answers? No, but I am willing to discuss ideas for the benefit of all. Either way this goes, we as citizens need to communicate to our respective leaders with ideas not yet explored.

Will it be a 2-year plan or a 4-year plan? The village residents will decide on Jan. 20.

I have not decided yet and plan on listening up to the day of the vote.


Wayne Litchfield
Village of Medina resident