Veteran urges community to attend Memorial Day events

Posted 27 May 2016 at 12:00 am


Memorial Day is a most revered day of the year for the veterans of this country. It is the day we pay tribute and show our respect to all deceased veterans who gave their lives in the wars.

It is sad that over the years so many people of this nation have made the day to be the start of the summer, ignoring this holiday to pay tribute to our nation’s deceased veterans that have given so much for them – more than any politician will ever do.

It is time the people of Orleans County get out to pay their tribute to these veterans. Most of the people that do so are elderly, and very few young people and children can be seen at memorial services. It is very sad to us living veterans. Did the deceased pay a price for you to have what you have been given by them?

All the veterans ask for nothing. All they want is for you to show respect for what they have done for you and this country, without them you would not have what you have.

Please get out show your respect to the deceased and living veterans this Memorial Day. Give them your thanks.

Attend ceremonies at Medina (11 a.m.), Lyndonville  (9 a.m.), Albion (10 a.m.), Holley (9 a.m.) or Kendall (7 p.m.).

Will we see you and your family?

Carl Boyle
USA veteran