Undersheriff says Drennan has been proven law enforcement leader

Posted 5 September 2015 at 12:00 am


I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom Drennan for over 30 years and I’ve had the added privilege of working with him since 2003.

Tom Drennan is a veteran law enforcement officer with 23 years of distinguished service. He has dedicated his entire career to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of this county.

His experience and expertise in law enforcement and the criminal justice system are superior. He has served in many different positions within the Sheriff’s Office before achieving his current rank of Chief Deputy Sheriff, the third highest official within the organization. The leadership skills that Tom has attained as Chief Deputy have more than adequately prepared him for the office he now seeks.

Chief Drennan has been directly involved in numerous high-profile investigations throughout his career. He has received numerous commendations from superior officers, as well as letters of appreciation from citizens. He has always been a strong advocate for crime victims and their families. His demeanor with citizens and suspects alike has always been calm and respectful.

As a Law Enforcement Supervisor, Chief Drennan has always followed the same basic philosophy: Do Your Job.and Expect to be Held Accountable When You Don’t. That’s a fairly straightforward principle, and may be the reason that some of his subordinates choose to support the challenger.

During the campaign, I’ve heard more than a couple of people say that “The Sheriff Doesn’t Need to be Qualified.” I have to say that, in my 42 years in the law enforcement profession, that is perhaps the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard.

If your home needed repairs, you would certainly want your contractor to be qualified. If you needed an operation, you would absolutely want your surgeon to be qualified. Why then would you settle for anything less from your elected Sheriff?

Finally – some people seem to be overly concerned about the fact that Tom Drennan has not yet named his choice for Undersheriff. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball folks!

The goal here is to elect the best qualified candidate for SHERIFF of Orleans County. That’s where everyone’s focus should be. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s not about who has the most signs. It’s not about who the Undersheriff will be. It’s not about disgruntled employees, past or present. It shouldn’t be decided on social media.

I am proud to endorse Tom Drennan for Sheriff of Orleans County. I sincerely believe he has earned and deserves the support of all of us on Sept. 10 and Nov. 3.

Steve Smith

Editor’s note: Mr. Smith is undersheriff of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office.