Undersheriff choice shows Drennan’s push to raise the bar at Sheriff’s Office

Posted 20 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I find Tom Drennan’s choice for his undersheriff, Brett Sobieraski, to be an outstanding one.

During the long months of the campaign for sheriff, and particularly in the time before the primary, there has been a large amount of finger pointing at the Sheriff’s Office, claiming it is dysfunctional, unprofessional, and other not so pleasant adjectives.

Nothing could be better for the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office, and therefore, better for the citizens of Orleans County, than an injection of new blood into the agency in the form of an undersheriff from another agency.

The mix of Tom Drennan’s experience within the Sheriff’s Office and Brett Sobieraski’s experience in a larger, accredited agency will help bring a new level of professionalism and responsibility to the Office of the Sheriff. The mixing of ideas and experiences will lead to new paths for the Sheriff’s Office, all of them for the better.

Chief Drennan’s choice of an individual the caliber of Mr. Sobieraski is a clear indicator of his desire to do whatever it takes to make the Sheriff’s Office the best law enforcement agency it can be. Their combined deep levels of experience in all aspects of law enforcement makes them a power to be reckoned with.

There is no question that Tom Drennan has not only the best qualifications to be sheriff, but shows yet again, in his choice for his undersheriff, that he has the best intentions for leading the Sheriff’s Office into a new era of professionalism and excellence.

That is why Tom Drennan is my choice for sheriff of Orleans County!


Joseph Grube