Turbines by lakeshore would drive away tourists, destroy tranquil setting

Posted 15 May 2016 at 12:00 am


This is an open Invitation to members of siting board regarding Lighthouse Wind Project. We are writing in reference to the proposed Apex Clean Energy wind turbine project in the Towns of Yates and Somerset. As you know, this project will bring 70 industrial wind turbines to the rural area not too far from Lake Ontario.

We are opposed to this project, for many reasons, as we are property owners of a lake cottage near Lyndonville (Town of Yates). Our cottage is rented by tourists from all of the country and from Europe during the months May through November. We have been doing this for nine years now, and our renters rave about the tranquil setting and local attractions.

Many visit the Falls but prefer to stay in the rural area along the lake. Our renters take advantage of local stores, restaurants, the Niagara Wine Trail, and area attractions, which help local businesses. We are proud of the reviews we receive and are happy that visitors enjoy the serenity and beautiful sunsets. We feel that the addition of wind turbines just south of our lake area will deter some, if not many, tourists from staying there, as well as lower property values.

Have you ever visited the Lake Ontario area that will be impacted by this project? If not, we cordially invite you to spend a night or two at our lake cottage at no cost. You will see how peaceful and serene the setting really is, enjoy a camp fire at night, look up to the heavens to see the beautiful sky.

You can watch the ducks and possibly swans in the lake, maybe catch sight of an eagle or osprey. Then pay a visit to the nearby Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse in Golden Hill State Park, climb to the top to view the flat and beautiful farmlands and scenery that surrounds you. Notice the many homes dispersed in the area, along with the homes and cottages along the lake shore.

Now, visualize how massively this will change with the addition of seventy industrial wind turbines 570 feet tall. Ask yourself, “Is this really the right location for such a project?” We feel strongly that it is NOT.

We are frustrated that NYS would pass Article 10 legislation to approve and issue certificates for major electric generation facilities such as the Lighthouse Wind project with no home rule from the affected towns. To put a decision that impacts a rural community in the hands of a siting board that will not have to LIVE and ENDURE the lasting effects of such a project is absolutely WRONG.


Deb and Tom Arlington