Turbine opponents in Yates, Somerset not using “empty hysteria”

Posted 30 January 2016 at 12:00 am


I write this as another elected representative, Steve Hawley, has given his support to the towns of Yates and Somerset and the group Save Ontario Shores (S0S) in the growing effort to protect local resources in the face of an industrial wind installation.

Mr. Smith, in a letter to the editor, takes issue with Senator Ortt for a similar stand. The survey questioned by Mr. Smith as a “propaganda piece” was paid for by Yates taxpayers, of which I am one.

The 66 percent who oppose the wind turbine installation are residents and property owners. Mr. Hawley is quoted as saying “Local residents, leaders and elected officials know what’s best for their particular municipality, and I believe that is a cornerstone of good government.”

There are many thoughtful individuals who have spent countless hours researching the related topics, writing elected officials, commenting on the PSC website and attending meetings. SOS is not empty hysteria (see lakeontarioturbines.com.)

Residents of the towns who are bringing up legitimate concerns, questions and issues are exercising their rights as citizens. Public input is exactly what the Public Service Commission asked for as part of the approval process.

Apex, however, did not use the input given by the public in its Preliminary Scoping Statement as they were directed to do. Their comments, due on Feb. 11, should provide more specific information as to their intentions.

Georgette Stockman
Town of Yates