Turbine foes thank neighbors for rejecting leases with Apex

Posted 30 March 2015 at 12:00 am


These days it is infrequent that we thank our neighbors for anything, much less for a selfless action. However, in the last two weeks we of Save Ontario Shores and other concerned citizens in Yates and Somerset have had the unique opportunity to see some of our neighbors oppose the installation of wind turbines on their land.

These people have had the smarts to dissect the contract, the integrity to reject potential personal profit for the greater good of their town, the heart to put on their neighbors’ shoes, and the courage to say NO to Apex wind turbines on their land.

Some of these people have stood up in front of the Town Boards of Yates and Somerset to explain why they would not sign a contract. Others have remained silent, but their rejection of a lease carries equal weight in this effort to keep our towns turbine-free.

These people are a keystone to rejecting this industrial wind farm from being sited in Somerset and Yates. Without enough leases, Apex will not be able to plant their 570-foot industrial turbines here.

We believe that an industrial wind factory with 60 to 70 of the 570-foot wind turbines will have great negative consequences for this area while providing a fractional amount of electricity into the NYISO grid.

So we thank you neighbors! Our children thank you. Our Grandchildren thank you.

You have played the most important role in keeping Niagara and Orleans counties turbine-free. We stand with you in rejecting the Apex wind project. This fight is not over but you are the front line.

The importance of your action should be acknowledged by everyone who cares about the beauty and peace that we enjoy in rural western New York on the shores of Lake Ontario.

John Riggi, President of Save Ontario Shores
Roger Barth, Director of Save Ontario Shores