SOS unfairly blamed for comment critical of farmers supporting Apex

Posted 30 October 2015 at 12:00 am


Recently, it has come to the attention of several SOS members that an APEX Wind Turbine supporter has been passing around a comment that was made on a Buffalo News article in August.

This person is supposedly attributing this comment to SOS. He claims because it was posted on their Facebook page it represents their position. He contends that SOS is saying that people should shun the farmers who have signed a contract with APEX, that you should run them out of your businesses and set up protest lines in front of their homes while continuing to pressure them to rescind their contracts from APEX.

Actually, it is far more toxic than I am writing here it is downright disgusting. But wait a second, let’s not let the truth or fact get in the way of a good story!

Fact: This was never a quote by SOS. It was a comment by an unknown person with no ties to SOS.

Fact: This was posted on the SOS Facebook page by a visitor, not by a member of SOS and does not represent the position of SOS in any way. (In fact, this visitor is pro-Apex. Was this post intentionally done to create these untruths about SOS?). This post has been removed.

Fact: No one from SOS ever said or wrote those words to anyone!

Please know that cryptic emails, quotes and asking for residents to rise up and malign the farmers of this community does not represent what the members of SOS are about. They are our neighbors, friends and family.

If anything they would like to keep the lines of communication open so that they can continue dialogue with our farm community as to what they perceive as the “downside” of wind turbines for them and us.

When you see assertions go too far and overstated together with what seems a little far from the truth, it probably is.

Tanis C. Bolick