SOS accused of undermining wishes of majority of full-time Yates residents

Posted 28 October 2015 at 12:00 am


Just because something is legal does not mean it is right.

As long as you have had “residency” in this town for 1 month (and I believe that all you have to do to establish residency is to have a Post Office box) you can legally register and vote here.

Save Ontario Shores (SOS) was circulating a paper that had the headline:
“You can stop industrial wind turbine! In local ballots YOUR VOTE CAN WIN THE ELECTION”

In this flyer they are encouraging people to list a lake residence as their “voting residence” and their other residence as a mailing address. They give the date that the registrations have to be postmarked by and a link through their website for voters registration. The flyer then proceeds to give them the instructions for where they can apply for their absentee ballot.

Now, most of us have seen the campaign stuff where Riggi and Simon have said that their only agenda is not about the wind turbines. That is what they are putting out publicly but things like this flyer lead me to believe that what they and SOS are putting out privately for the anti-turbine crowd is their true agenda. I have a copy of the flyer they were circulating if anyone is interested in seeing it.

Technically, there could be people voting in our town election who have never been to our town as the law reads: “There does need to be some significant ongoing connection” but the only way to challenge their “significant ongoing connection” would be through a long, costly court battle.

I don’t know about you but I take offense at SOS once more initiating a behind the bushes attempt to undermine the wishes of the majority of the full-time residents of our town.

Spread the word! Get out and vote!

John Belson and Wes Bradley will represent the WHOLE town! Don’t let a special interest group hijack our town!

Thank you,

Susan Campbell