Somerset hearing on turbines lacked substance

Posted 9 February 2016 at 12:00 am


I am so furious. I went to the “hearing” on the proposed wind law in Somerset last Monday. To call that a hearing is a joke. The Town Board called in no experts, heard no testimony with facts and had no briefing. What kind of hearing is that?

Basically they heard people on either side give their opinion and now they are going to vote on a law that has a bunch of opinions in it like, “Wind Energy Facilities are, by their very nature, not aesthetically pleasing.” Or, “Commercial/Industrial Wind Energy Facilities represent potential for extreme adverse aesthetic impacts.”

I think they are great to look at. Next thing you know they will just decide that they don’t like the color red, make up some supposed harmful health impacts and pass a law banning barns.

Linda Fisk