Save Ontario Shores leader thanks Niagara County officials for opposing wind energy project

Posted 12 August 2015 at 12:00 am


On Aug. 4, the Niagara County Legislature considered and voted on Resolution IL-083-15 – “Resolution Opposing the Siting of Commercial Wind Turbines in the Town of Somerset.”

The resolution was sponsored by Legislator John Syracuse, with motion seconded by Legislator Dave Godfrey. The Niagara County Legislature voted unanimously to oppose the Apex Lighthouse Wind Project. Apex’s project proposes to site 60-70, 600-foot-high industrial wind turbines in and around the towns of Somerset and Yates.

The vote by the Niagara County Legislature to oppose is a significant victory for the people of Niagara County and clearly signals that the Apex “Lighthouse Wind Project” is not welcome in Niagara County.

The resolution, as passed by the Niagara County Legislature calls for the following:

“RESOLVED, that this Niagara County legislative body call upon the Orleans County Legislature to join with us to oppose the placement of this Massive Industrial Wind Turbine Project in our pristine rural counties.”

Thankfully, a successful working relationship has developed between the Niagara and Orleans County Legislatures as a result of the Niagara Orleans Regional Alliance (NORA). The most recent NORA success (WNY Rural Broadband Initiative) is an excellent example of the collaborative Niagara-Orleans solidarity required to clearly communicate this region’s opposition to the Lighthouse Wind Project.

So in closing, I would like to sincerely thank the members of the Niagara County Legislature for the clear support of their constituents in opposing the Lighthouse Wind Project and hope that the working relationships between the legislatures will result in a united front against this Industrial Wind Turbine Project.

Thank you!

John Riggi
President, Save Ontario Shores, Inc.
Endorsed Republican candidate, Yates Town Council