SAFE Act opponents use paranoia, false premises to push agenda

Posted 24 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I am writing to address some issues that arose during the sheriff forum sponsored by SCOPE and New York Revolution – both being extreme anti-government, pro-gun groups I had expected the agenda to be very one-sided when it comes to gun control and keeping our citizens safe from gun violence.

In my research of both groups leading up to this event, the only vague plan I found in their propaganda is to put more guns in the hands of more people in more places. Truly a recipe for disaster.

As we entered the forum we were encouraged to write questions on 3-by-5 cards for the three candidates to address. Mine was “What are the best ways to keep our citizens safe from gun violence?”

The first and only gun question actually asked of our sheriff candidates ran something like this: “Will you, as sheriff, enforce the unconstitutional SAFE Act which violates gun owners second amendment rights?” Stop the train and everyone get off!

First of all let’s set straight SCOPE and REVOLUTION’s false premise and their house of cards falls apart. The SAFE Act is constitutional, and doesn’t violate the Second Amendment. Who says so? Federal Judge after Federal Judge. State Judge after State Judge. One court case after another.

Reviews of legal and constitutional scholars have determined, that while parts of the SAFE Act need amending, the basic premise behind it, namely the need to control unlimited access to unlimited firearms and ammunition by anyone at any time in any quantity runs contrary to protecting the public safety, and therefore the SAFE Act remains the law of New York State.

Extremists have argued that gun laws only hurt those who obey the law. Remember, everyone is law abiding until they cause the massacre. So logically the issue is ACCESS TO GUNS.

The rest of the argument is subjective (opinion) and a circus side show. The clowns in this circus are played by the extreme factions within the NRA, the Tea Party and other ultra-conservative groups. They fail to grasp the concept that the framers of the US Constitution did not guarantee a citizens arms race with unlimited access to firearms.

The founding fathers, as they had stated, envisioned each state (The People) forming and being allowed to form a militia for protection. Former Chief Justice Warren Berger was right when he said “The NRA committed the greatest fraud against the American People, and I emphasize the work FRAUD, when they corrupted the 2nd Amendment to mean unlimited and unfettered access to all manner of weapons.”

So down comes the house of cards. The Second Amendment is not under attack and the SAFE Act stays. No one is coming after your guns.

The answer to gun violence is NOT more weapons in the hands of more people. That is a recipe for the destruction of society. The answer lies in restrict access to certain weapons by certain persons. Closing the loophole of being able to purchase weapons at gun shows. Making background checks for gun and ammunition purchases universal.

During the sheriff forum, candidate Don Organasciak was the only speaker with the guts to say it right, “The SAFE Act (limits to access to large capacity assault weapons and the requirement of background checks) is the law in New York State, and as Sheriff, I will enforce those duly enacted laws, including the SAFE Act.”

Randy Bower was wrong when he said, “If you, the citizens of Orleans County don’t want me to enforce a law, I won’t enforce it.” What means does Mr. Bower plan to utilize which will give him a scientific and therefore accurate pulse on public opinion on the myriad of issues before us in this county?

I am a gun owner, a hunter and conservationist. But I see no good to come out of allowing military type weapons in our community. When you see “Repeal the SAFE Act” signs littered about, remember their house of cards, their fraud, and let me add, their paranoia. But use your common sense.

Al Capurso