Ridgeway councilman seeks support for re-election on Tuesday

Posted 1 November 2015 at 12:00 am


My name is Paul Blajszczak and I am the independent incumbent candidate running for re-election to the position of councilman in the Town of Ridgeway.

I am asking Ridgeway voters to look for the badger’s paw print on the ballot and fill in the circle next to my name. I have been, am presently and will be responsible to every taxpayer in the Town of Ridgeway.

I read with interest an editorial by a man I admire for both his insights and community service. He asked the question, “Where is the party loyalty?” That is a very good question.

Does the groupthink of an organization necessarily negate independent thought? Do local committees of the party of Lincoln have a deeper understanding of the needs of a community than the common sense of the taxpaying members of that community?

What recourse do members of that group have? Is it a punishable act of defiance to display a political sign for the candidate they feel best qualified to hold that office?

In 1962, Ronald Reagan, an FDR, New Deal Democrat, switched parties. When asked why he left the party, he famously replied “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” I have thought about that quote often the past few weeks.

Established political parties are, in general, having a rough time at the moment. One seems to be saddled with an apparent unpopular dowager queen succession scenario while the other is faced with nonpolitical (therefore uncontrollable) yet very popular candidates. The voters, who always end up paying the freight, seem restless. Where is party loyalty indeed.

The Reformation of the 14th and 15th centuries turned the known world upside down. The predominant religion of most nations, because of abuses of power, was displaced and it affected everyone and everything. The effects can still be felt today. Can we be witnessing the onset of a political reformation?

I hope that party loyalty will still allow the voters in Ridgeway to consider a vote for me on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

I am Paul Blajszczak and I would appreciate your vote for re-election to the position of councilman in the Town of Ridgeway.

Paul Blajszczak