Resident worries about ‘dysfunction’ in Sheriff’s Department

Posted 15 September 2015 at 12:00 am


I am concerned about the dysfunction in our Sheriff’s Department. The nasty airing of laundry from active employees in support of one candidate or the other was just plain inappropriate.

How can these men continue to work together for the good of our county if there are such differences between them?

Two points I wish to make here.

1) I think that it would be more appropriate for candidates to step away from their positions to campaign for elected office. I also think that government employees should not be allowed to campaign for any candidate. The only candidate that should not have to step away from current position would be an official running for re-election!

2) I am glad that there is a third candidate that has no previous relationship to the current department. Perhaps a breath of fresh air is needed to rehabilitate a department in disarray.


Dayton Hausman