Resident wonders why drunk driver wasn’t jailed

Posted 9 September 2015 at 12:00 am


I was reading the Sept. 6 issue of the Lake Country Pennysaver. Amongst the myriad of political advertisements in the sheriff primary race was the column, “To Protect and Serve”. The fifth section down was a story of a 42-year-old man arrested for a variety of DWI charges of the most serious type.

He allegedly was drinking in the vehicle, scoring a BAC of more than three times the illegal limit. State Troopers observed him driving recklessly (changing lanes unsafely, and failure to keep right). This means as he drove he was heading right for you, your family, your teenager, your friends. Thank God no one was hurt.

He was processed by law enforcement and given appearance tickets to return to Barre Town Court on September 17. Yes, I said “appearance tickets.” Nothing will stop this man from drinking and driving in the mean time except his good judgment and common sense, which he seems to possess very little of.

One of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver while that driver was waiting for a court appearance. I would like to know why this man was not jailed right away pending court. Remember, the title of the news column was “To protect and serve”. Hardly.

As we get wrapped up in the excitement of upcoming elections, let us not forget we have a responsibility to make sure those already in elected office are doing their jobs. Letting a public danger drive around drunk doesn’t make it. He should have been jailed pending bail. That would have been the safe thing to do.

With all respect,

Al Capurso