Resident wonders how patients should know if errors in medical bills

Posted 20 February 2015 at 12:00 am


I have to express my concern over the local medical billing issues that we have recently been made aware of.

I am concerned, because in the words of the writer of the press release from Medina Memorial Hospital, “medical billing is a very complicated process with multiple payors and numerous rules and regulation.” Yet they suggest that the patient contact them with any past or present concerns.

Medical insurance bills have been nothing short of mass confusion for doctor’s offices and patients alike for several years. All of us look at our invoices, shake our heads, and ultimately write the check. It is not as if there is a menu that lists the fees for each procedure so that I, as the consumer actually know how much I should be billed. So, I ask, “HOW do I know if there is an error in my bill?”

Double billing, such as the experience of Dr. Stahl, seems pretty obvious, but how would a typical consumer know if they were billed $200 for a $20 procedure?

It makes me wonder… Do ALL patients of Medina Memorial Hospital need to request a review of our billing just to be safe? How about our seniors that have Medicare to add to the mix?

Looking at my most recent statement now … what do I really owe?

Marlene Seielstad