Resident wants to give village another chance and hopes for help from other government leaders

Posted 19 January 2015 at 12:00 am


Finally someone has answered the question regarding calls answered outside the Village by the MPD. Thank you! (Click here to see “Shall the Village of Medina, NY, vote to dissolve?”)

The entire piece is exceptional reporting! It really tells the story without the emotion of those involved.

I think that you have taken no sides. There are many points you raised that I also have posted in my own musings on Facebook.

When I vote on Tuesday, I will take the route you suggested, try to do it together one more time. Four years is an eternity and most of today’s players will no longer be involved. In the mean time we should all work closer together with our village government. We all need to be more involved in our future and look for ways to invigorate our village, not just downtown, but the entire village!

I would hope that village unions will offer some act of good faith to help in the near future, that the county will see the light with sales tax, and Albany will rethink the fate of rural NY.

I also on Tuesday will not hold any ill will for those who passionately feel dissolution is a step to the future! Only good and honest people would try such a bold step. There is merit in the concept. It is simply not the right place or time!

Thank you Orleans Hub, once again, for your contribution to providing a source of news in Orleans County. I also wish to add a side note to Orleans Radio for their recent contribution. I see a bright future for this endeavor also!

Dayton Hausman