Resident wants 2 sheriff candidates to explain their objections to SAFE Act

Posted 25 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I am glad to hear that one of the candidates for Orleans County Sheriff has stated that he will uphold the law. As a Republican I am sorry to say he is a Democrat. I keep hearing a few people say that the SAFE Act is unconstitutional but none of them seem to be able to explain why they believe that.

Perhaps if one of the right wing candidates could shed some light on this it would help. I am unable to vote for anyone who refuses to do his or her job if elected. If anyone, candidate or not, can explain this to me I would be most appreciative.

If you are serious you will need to quote both the sections of the act that you feel are unconstitutional and the sections of the Constitution that make those sections of the act unconstitutional.

John S. Grimes