Resident touts Drennan’s training, experience and integrity

Posted 7 September 2015 at 12:00 am


What an asset it would be to have Tom Drennan as the next sheriff of Orleans County. Tom has worked his way up through the ranks, obtaining real time, real life, down in the trenches experiences, at every level of law enforcement.

He has held and/or holds the professional positions of Road Patrol, Lieutenant, Criminal Investigator, Major, and his current position of Chief Deputy. The added benefit of holding these positions, throughout his career, is that all of the knowledge, training, experiences and responsibilities of each, both administratively and in the real life trenches of crime, and the knowledge that ensues, allows him to understand, direct and fully participate (if need be) at any level, and at any type of incident, be it accident or criminal.

Along with his professional experiences and career positions, Tom has continually taken training classes to further his knowledge and understanding in regards to crime, victims and families: *Rural Police Academy *Drug Enforcement Investigation *Commercial Vehicle Drug Interdiction *Investigation of Environmental Crimes *Police Supervision Training *Crisis Negotiations *Child Sex Abuse Training *Criminal Investigation School *Emergency Response to Terrorism Awareness *Hazardous Material Awareness *Advanced Techniques in Accident investigation *Crime Scene Photography *Police Crime Scene and Evidence Specialist *DNA Collection as it Pertains to Burglary Investigations

*Personnel Back Ground Investigations *Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness *Arson Investigations-Level I *Instructor Development *Computer Crime Investigations *Flying Armed-Fugitive Extraditions *Human Trafficking *Cold Case Investigations *Impact of Legal Decisions on Law Enforcement *Colonel Henry F. William Homicide Investigation School *Combatting Illegal Handguns *Legal Issues for Today’s Law Enforcement *Professional Development and Internal Investigations *Identification Procedures of Criminal Suspects *Leadership and Police Management *Homicide and Non-Fatal Shooting Investigations *Missing Person Investigation and Alert Protocol *Traumas of Law Enforcement-Dealing with a Line of Duty Death *Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response *Police Pursuit Policy Workshop *Valor Officer Safety Training *Instructor Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Law Enforcement *NYS Field Information Officer Coordinator Training.

In any scenario, both investigation wise or in an active situation happening in real time, Tom’s experience and knowledge is both advantageous and critical. This level of experience and training cannot be obtained “overnight” and it acknowledges the level of professionalism Tom has, and the dedication and passion he has for the well being and safety of co-workers, and the people of our county.

He is the type of person to go above and beyond what is required, and he will lead the Sheriff’s Department with the same professionalism, passion, compassion and integrity.


Mike and Julia Kludt