Resident has no praise for Legislature taking stand on wind project after a year

Posted 22 December 2015 at 12:00 am


Orleans County Legislature on the Apex Wind Turbine Project. What took you so long? This was a no-brainier. It’s Agenda 21 and a taxpayer scam right from the get-go. All green energy is a scam. It has to be subsidized and the product is worn out long before it pays for itself only to put it back on the subsidy gravy train. In this case it will destroy a town on the outside and below the surface.

Even Progressives like Ortt and “Climate Change Steve” were on board before you guys. Did it finally take the appearance of “Don Russ” and Richard Pucher to bring you to hand kissing?

I’m also curious who wrote the dramatic speech Legislator Johnson read? There is no way she could have written that because she was nowhere to found for the last year while all the debating was going on over this wind scam. She did not represent anyone. Nor did she give or has she given the people that she claims to represent a personal opinion either way on this wind scam. I had all I could do not to burst out into laughter, so I remained professional.

Then we had to listen to the Legislator Allport regurgitate his opinions on Article 10 and the gas price gouging from the October meeting before the election only to witness him along with the rest of the Legislature violate their oath of office and throw the 4th amendment out the window by voting into law the second-hand store law.

No sorry, no praise here. Praise is for volunteers, not for people who are paid to do a professional job. I believe it’s our legislators controlling progressive ideology the likes of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that left them to be holds outs till the last minute. All I can say is it’s about time.

Paul Lauricella Jr.
Town of Yates