Resident grateful for life-saving care at Medina Memorial

Posted 13 January 2016 at 12:00 am


One year ago today I was discharged, after a week’s stay, from the Rehab Unit at Medina Memorial Hospital. While there I received excellent care. Shortly after I came home I returned to the unit to thank the many individuals who helped me in my recovery.

I thought however, that in many ways my personal thanks was not enough. I am writing today not only to celebrate my recovery but to give credit where credit is due and to let the community know how strongly I feel about the care I received while at Medina Memorial Hospital.

I found the medical and nursing staff to always be available to help in making decisions about my treatment and monitoring my progress. I found the aides very helpful, friendly and kind in their support in whatever way I needed their assistance both day and night.

My daily routine included occupational and physical therapy, where in my experience most of the hard work of rehabilitation takes place. The staff was great. They were patient but persistent for which I am now thankful.

I went to the Rehab Unit following a long hospital stay at Gates Vascular Institute and Buffalo General Hospital where I received equally excellent care. I would not have reached the Buffalo hospitals or for that matter the Rehab Unit were it not for the emergency room staff at Medina Hospital and the EMT’s who transported me to Buffalo. Several weeks earlier I had a heart attack and went into cardiac arrest while in the emergency room. They saved my life!

I also stopped to thank the emergency room staff on the same day I visited the Rehab Unit. The doctor who was part of the team who saved my life said to me after I thanked him, “nice to see you vertical!” I agree. Thank you Medina Memorial Hospital.

Grateful for the excellent care,

Tom Gardner